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Sunday, August 31, 2003

Armadillo Aerospace News: FMC 50%, Spring cannon, Misc
chabot imageWe received four drums of 50% concentration rocket grade peroxide from FMC. It came with the restrictions that we can’t concentrate it or use it for flight tests, but it will allow us to rule out catalyst poisoning due to the food grade peroxide in our mixed monoprop tests. If our problems go away with the better peroxide (and we can’t attribute it to any of the other changes we are making), we will have to negotiate with FMC about flight testing, or have Don Stark run commercial peroxide through his deionizer for us.
The FMC propulsion grade 50% registered 5 ppm on the TDS meter, compared to 18 ppm for the Solvay food grade 50%, and 232 ppm fpr the FMC technical grade.
We also got 20 gallons of lab grade methanol to use in place of the industrial methanol we have been using. Both read 0 on the TDS meter, but the lab grade may have less non-mineral contaminants. It is one less question for us in the future testing. Read More


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