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Saturday, November 08, 2003

Armadillo Aerospace News: 1000 lbf mixed monoprop
chabot imageSafety note: we found a crack in one of our 5 gallon HDPE carboys that we use as a transfer container when loading peroxide from drums to our run tanks. We always keep the carboys on a containment palette, so there was no spillage, but a few hundred ml of peroxide has probably leaked out into the containment sump when I noticed the crack. We pumped the peroxide to a new container and tossed the cracked one out. I checked my records, and we had been using that particular carboy for a bit over two years, which was probably a mistake. The first year of that was with 90% peroxide, which is known to embrittle PE after extended exposure. We had a bunch of new carboys, but we hadn’t tossed the old ones out. Read More


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