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Tuesday, March 09, 2004

chabot imageProfessor David Ashford, Leader of the Bristol Spaceplanes X PRIZE team, has published an article on the future of space travel entitled, "Flying Into The Future: Spaceflight Revolution". He is also the author of the book on the subject entitled "Spaceflight Revolution," published in 2002 by Imperial College Press. An excerpt: "A revolution in spaceflight is likely soon, leading to everyday access to orbit and large-scale space tourism within fifteen years. Costly launch vehicles based on ballistic missiles are likely to be replaced by spaceplanes, using technology that exists today. A spaceplane prototype could be built within five years and, with a further ten years of detailed development, the design could approach airliner maturity. The resulting mature spaceplane would reduce the cost of sending people into space some one thousand times" For more information, download a pdf here.


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