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Sunday, March 28, 2004

Space Transport Corporation: Successful 12-inch engine test
chabot imageAt their Forks, Washington facility, Space Transport Corporation (STC) successfully tested the full-scale solid-propellant rocket engine for their Suborbital Tourism Vehicle which will be used in the X PRIZE competition. The engine tipped the scales at the expected 12,000 pounds of force during the 14-second static test event.
After some trials to perfect the engine manufacturing procedure, STC is thrilled with this result and is enthusiastic about the next phase of their quest to develop the Suborbital Tourism Vehicle (STV), which is designed to take three passengers to 100 km (62 mile) altitude and return them safely to earth. The next step in development of this vehicle is an unmanned flight in May.
Stay tuned for results of a three-stage rocket flight which should occur in a few days. The flight will hopefully result in dazzling pictures of earth from space. Read More (Word DOC file)


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