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Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Times-Standard.com: Who needs LNG? Let's build a spaceport
chabot imageMy friend Justin and I went out to the dolos at the end of the North Jetty one recent Sunday. He'd never been out there.
The gray, mossy oblong forms of the dolos jut in irregular lines toward the sky. To those willing to walk the quarter-mile stretch of pier at the risk of getting swamped by a rogue wave, the dolos provide a comforting sense of isolation and enigma, like those stone faces on Easter Island. Across the harbor entrance, a foghorn's persistent wail adds to the otherworldly atmosphere.
In one of those random twists of conversation, Justin and I started talking about outer space.
"Do you think they'll ever have commercial space travel?" I asked.
"I'd like to go, if I could afford it," Justin said.
"Imagine a six-day, seven-night package," I said. "You'd have an orbit around the planet, a moon landing, dinner in the 'Zero Gravity Lounge.'" Read More


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