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Sunday, April 04, 2004

chabot imageThe Israeli Team ILAT announced that their space tourism Business Plan has reached the semi-finals in the annual Wharton Business Plan Competition (WBPC). A distinguished panel of Venture Capitalists and other business experts have recently narrowed the field from 300+ business plans entries to just 25, of which ILAT is one. The Team's next goal is to advance to the finals, where only eight teams will be allowed to present plans before a panel of judges and an audience of over 200 venture capitalists, investment bankers, attorneys and business community leaders. The WBPC fosters the entrepreneurial spirit and business literacy by helping to promote the creation of new ventures. ILAT's success at this stage is of particular interest to the X PRIZE competition, in that this is the first time that space tourism will be examined at this prestigious event. For more information visit whartonbpc.com, or go to ilat.net.


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