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Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Scaled Composites: Test data Second powered flight of SpaceShipOne
chabot imageScaled Composites updated today their test data page.
Flight 53L / 13P Date: 8 Apr 04 Flight Time: 1.3 hour / 16 min 27 sec
White Knight Pilot: Binnie White Knight Copilot: Stinemetze
SpaceShipOne Pilot: Siebold
High Chase-Starship Crew: Karkow / Schere
High Chase Alpha Jet Crew: Van der Schueren / Johnson
Low Chase-Extra Pilot: Melvill / Coleman
The second powered flight of SpaceShipOne. 40 seconds motor burn time. Handling qualities during boost, through transonic and supersonic. Reaction control system functionality in-flight and feather configuration stability during transonic re-entry. Evaluation of radar tracking capability.
Launch conditions were 45,600 feet and 125knots. A planned immediate motor ignition was delayed about 2 minutes to evaluate a shock induced stall buffet resulting in an ignition altitude of only 38,300 feet. The 40 second rocket boost was smooth with good control. Pilot commented that the motor was surprisingly quiet; however the boost was heard by ground observers. Burnout occurred at 1.6M and apogee was over 105,000 feet. There was no noted flight control flutter or buzz during the climb. Feather recovery was nominal. Maximum feathered speed on entry was 0.9 Mach. The wing was de-feathered and locked by 40,000 feet. Handling quality assessments during descent were satisfactory and a smooth landing made to runway 30 at Mojave. All video and tracking systems performed well with spectacular footage obtained onboard, from chase and from ground stations.

Also: White Knight Flight Test Summaries
Flight 52 Date: 5 Apr 04 Flight Time: 2.0
White Knight Pilot: Siebold White Knight Copilot: Karkow
Objectives: Avionics checkout flight, pilot proficiency and landing practice.


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