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Wednesday, April 07, 2004

The Starship at Scaled Composites
Not quite X-Prize news, but keep this in mind when you see the latest pictures from Scaled Composites and SpaceShip One. Russ Niles at AvWeb reports that Bob Scherer's chase aircraft is now one of only five or six Beech 2000 Starships still flying:

And then there were six ... or is it five? Raytheon's effort to decommission the fleet of Beech 2000 Starships has met with some resistance by pilots who just don't want to give up the composite, canarded, tailless twin turboprop that the company once hoped would revolutionize the business-aircraft market... One proud owner unlikely to willingly give up his is Robert Scherer, who, when he's not flying for business or pleasure, uses the Starship as a chase plane for Scaled Composites' entry in the X PRIZE competition...

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