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Thursday, May 27, 2004

Brian Cook Remembered
chabot imageBrian Cook, one of the key team members of the da Vinci Project passed away on May 24th - Brian Cook was one of the projects key Public Relations people and is the son of Al Cook, the projects flight controller. The projects team leader, Brian Feeney, met Brian Cook about 1 ½ years ago following a telephone call where he asked if he could fly on the ship into space. Like many of us, he realized there was a line up but nonetheless threw himself behind the project full force arranging key relationships with government. He was instrumental in establishing the sizable Saskatchewan based launch team. Brian Cook was a pioneering spirit and will always be a part of the project and be remembered by the da Vinci Project Team. His enthusiasm for our greater goal of opening up space to everyone has been an inspiration to all of us. He'll be sitting along side Brian Feeney on that first flight, and we’re sure, will be a guiding light to a safe journey...


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