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Friday, May 21, 2004

xprizeblog.com: Happy Birthday Peter (May 20)
chabot imagexprizeblog.com; reports that it was yesterday Peter Diamandis (Chairman of the X PRIZE Foundation and X prize founder) his birthday (May 20).
xprizeblog.com wrote: After a few minutes of madly swimming around ike sea chickens with our heads cut off, we decided that it was okay to just give Peter, President and Founder of X PRIZE, Zero G and the International Space University, a nice card and a raspberry cake for his birthday. That was thanks to Angel and Elke. Left to our own devices, we probably would have given him... uh... well, we probably would have forgotten it was his birthday. Angel and Elke are the real brains behind X PRIZE, you see.
Anyway - we had a great time at his Birthday party at a cool restauraunt in Venice. Not Italy, we aren't that worldly. Even Buck showed up. Buck is an Intern at the Space Generation Foundation (where I'm apparently a Director, under Loretta) but he also OWNS his own law firm. Talk about being over-qualified for an internship.
So we sat there for a while, while David Knight spun funny tales about, well... I was more interested in Descher's attempts to Peter into the Iron Chef.
And now? The Canucks and the Scotsman are enjoying the end of the day over a beer and The Tragically Hip's "You are ahead by a century". Cause we certainly will be.
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