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Friday, June 18, 2004

space.com: Ready for Historic Launch: FAA Grants Mojave Airport First Inland Spaceport License
chabot imageSpace.com: The Mojave Airport Civilian Test Center in Mojave, California is proudly displaying on their web site that they are "America's First Inland Spaceport" after receiving official licensing by the Federal Aviation Administration's Office of the Associate Administrator for Commercial Space Transportation (AST).
A launch site operator license was granted to the Mojave Airport on June 17.
"We got it," exclaimed Stuart Witt, Mojave Airport manager. "It's nice to be first," Witt told SPACE.com.
The paperwork has cleared government in-and-out-box procedures just in time.
The civilian Mojave Airport is takeoff point for the record-setting attempt by SpaceShipOne as the first non-governmental rocket ship to fly to the edge of space.
That piloted suborbital leap by the Scaled Composites-built rocket plane is slated for Monday, June 21.

UPDATE: Alan boyle also wrote an article related to this news:


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