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Monday, June 21, 2004

SpaceShipOne.. Almost time..
chabot imageIt's only hours away before spaceshipone will fly into space!

Some new articles:
bakersfield.com: Starship enterprise
bradenton.com: First privately built spacecraft set for sub-orbital flight
wireservice.wired.com: Private Rocket Plane to Launch from Mojave Desert
"We do want our children to go the planets," said Rutan, the pioneering aerospace engineer who also designed the Voyager aircraft, the first airplane to fly around the world without refueling.
The white rocket plane with its striking nose -- a pointed cone covered with small portholes, was built with more than $20 million in funding by Allen, who co-founded Microsoft Corp.
"Tomorrow we will attempt to add a new page to the aviation books," Allen told more than 300 reporters gathered for the event, "It's incredibly exciting."
If all goes well, Allen and SpaceShipOne's builders are expected to announce their next goal after SpaceShipOne's flight, the Ansari X Prize, which is offering $10 million to the first team that sends three people, or an equivalent weight, on a manned space vehicle 60 miles above the earth and repeats the trip within two weeks.
"I am ready to go, and we are going to win the X Prize," said Melvill, 62, a professional test pilot from South Africa with U.S. citizenship

seven.com.au: Privately developed rocket launched
news.scotsman.com: Private Rocket Counts Down to Make Aviation History
kansascity.com: SpaceShipOne flight could help usher in commercial space travel
usatoday.com: Private craft to head for space
taipeitimes.com: Private spacecraft takes to the skies today in test flight
thestar.co.za: All set for first privately manned spaceflight
news.tbo.com: Private Space Flight Is Go For Launch
deepikaglobal.com: Private US rocket plane to launch from Mojave desert
guardian.co.uk: High flyer may open the final frontier
floridatoday.com: Citizen aims for space today
washingtontimes.com: Space history awaited
chron.com: Civilian ready to pilot rocket
news.ft.com: Private rocket plane to launch in U.S
pe.com: Private space flight's D-day
dailynews.com: Private spacecraft out to make history
baltimoresun.com: Entrepreneurs vying to put a man in space
cooltech.iafrica.com: SA pilot to make historic space flight

An other xprize related article: digitaljournal.com: Canadians among Private Teams to Attempt Astronaut Launch


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