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Thursday, June 17, 2004

SpaceShipOne preping for space
chabot image(via hobbyspace.com)Via a Mojavian comes this local report on preparations for the SS1 flight event next Monday:
- "Organizers are preparing for 30,000 visitors"
- "On the day of the flight's announcement, the Scaled Composites Web site received millions of queries"
- "Hotels in Mojave are already booked solid, with rooms filling up in more distant communities such as Lancaster."
- "A camping area has been cleared to park 250 self-contained recreational vehicles, with campers allowed to enter the grounds beginning Saturday night. Reservations are required for these $40 spots, and they are filling fast. As of Tuesday afternoon, 160 spots remained."
- "Already, "space groupies" have requested permission for a concert in the camping area Sunday night, adding to the festival-like atmosphere."
- "Ridgecrest radio station KLOA 104.9 FM will provide a play-by-play broadcast of the flight and traffic reports for those heading to the airport."
- "For those unable to attend, the flight will be covered live by numerous broadcasters, including CNN and the national networks. Some 400 different media outlets from around the world are expected to cover the event, Rice said." Read More (short-lived link)


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