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Thursday, June 17, 2004

Starchaser: THUNDERSTAR Capsule update
chabot imageWork is progressing with the prototype capsule. The primary structural members have been mocked-up in wood and the pressure hull has been formed using glass composites. One of the main projects is the definition of the hatch, in support of this project the prototype capsule has been constructed with a removable hatch section to allow a number of different hatch concepts to be investigated, the current concept features a round hatch.

While the THUNDERSTAR capsule is being designed/engineered using CAD software there is no substitute for a physical mock up when it comes to human interfaces. We need to make sure the crew can enter and exit the capsule in both nominal and emergency conditions. As the capsule evolves the mock-up will be used to help layout instrumentation and controls.

The mock-up will also be used to test the life support system, as it’s a true representation of the THUNDERSTAR capsule in terms of volume and the available space for equipment and the oxygen supply.


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