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Monday, June 21, 2004

Waiting... for history...
chabot imageOn this moment... people from all over the world... are waiting for the first private space ship to write history with going into space.

Time is ticking.. and it's only 10 hours away from now(Time of writing) (see countdown at space.com).
Waiting for a new chapter in space travel... while we're all waiting.. we can remember the past with a few songs and a movie:

(Video and All music are from: To Touch the Stars: A Musical Celebration of Space Exploration)

Great movie:

Witnesses’ Waltz (Kristoph Klover) Stream
Fire in the Sky (Kristoph Klover) Stream MP3_Download
Hope Eyrie: (Julia Ecklar) Stream MP3_Download
Surprise!: (Gunnar Madsen) MP3_Download
The Pioneers of Mars (Karen Linsley) Stream MP3_Download
Others Standing By (Kristoph Klover) Stream MP3_Download
Dog on the Moon (Garry Novikoff) Stream
Legends (Julia Ecklar) Stream MP3_Download


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