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Thursday, June 17, 2004

chabot imageThe President's Commission on Implementation of United States Space Exploration Policy calls on Congress to create "significant monetary prizes for the accomplishment of space missions and/or technology developments..." In addition the report strongly endorses the NASA Centennial Challenges prize program.
The 9 person Commission, Chaired by Edward Aldridge, Jr. and which included such luminaries as Carly Fionna of HP, lunar expert Paul Spudis and astronomer Neil Tyson mention prizes no less than 17 times in their 60-page report (X PRIZE is twice mentioned in this report issued on June 16)."
The report also contains frank and refreshing acknowledgement of the risks inherent in space exploration and the need for open and honest communication about risk a position that the X PRIZE Foundation has taken since its inception.
Peter Diamandis, Erik Lindbergh and Gregg Maryniak received a copy of the report at the first NASA Centennial Challenges Workshop held this week in Washington, DC. They spoke to the more than 200 attendees in addition to moderating panels on prizes for future human spaceflight prizes, bioastronautics prizes, as well as prizes for development of beamed power and space resource utilization technologies. In addition, Elon Musk (a member of the New Spirit of St. Louis Organization and founder of the new rocket company Space X) provided a keynote address on the importance of prizes as a tool to rejuvenate the aerospace industry.


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