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Thursday, July 01, 2004

HARC News Update
chabot imageThe Alabama-based HARC Team is developing and following a new business model based on Escape Tower Rocket Motor (ETRoM) driven capsule launching. Having completed the final design of the ETRoM , HARC has begun construction on the stand-alone capsule systems (SACS). The ETRoM driven SACS is expected to produce the Team's first rocket business profit center. In order to help validate capsule stability associated with capsule geometry, winds, tip-off, etc., HARC designed and constructed a sub-scale flight model SACS and ETRoM. These systems are being used for flight-testing that produces real results, instead of relying solely on simulations. The flight model has offered HARC the ability to fly frequently with minimal operational costs. Utilizing state of the art fuel regression techniques, according to Team Leader Don Robinson, "HARC was able to achieve over 7000 pounds of thrust in a motor that is only 10 inches in diameter by 36 inches long. The beauty of this motor system is that it is extremely low cost, efficient, and easy to reload for successive flights."


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