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Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Space bill movement...
According to the latest Space News (print edition) Senator James Inhofe of Oklahoma plans to release his hold on the Commercial Space Launch Admendments Act (H.R.3752) by July 23rd. He put the hold on because of the concerns of Rocketplane Limited, based in Oklahoma, that the bill would relegate its vehicle to FAA aviation certification procedures rather than to the AST launch licensing regime. The XP spends most of its time under turbojet power before it fires a rocket to go to 100km.
Rocketplane lobbyist Kevin Kelly said, "We're getting close to resolving the whole thing." Unfortunately, time is getting very short before Congress takes a six week break. The bill's backers hope a deal can be made by July 20 when the Senate Commerce Committee will hold a mark up session.


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