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Monday, July 05, 2004

Space Woodstock: Memories of a Party in the Desert
chabot imageAlan's Mojave weblog: Now that things around Mojave have settled down a bit and everyone has seen plenty of pictures of the launch hardware, I've gone back through the photos from Space Day and found a number that commemorate the unique feel of what went on there. Reports are that the crowd numbered between 11,000 and 15,000, and it was a uniquely American small-town morning.
In an afternoon, the town of Mojave's population almost doubled, and would double again the next morning. RVers line up for Mojave's first Space Party
Not quite knowing what to expect, and not wanting to be caught off-guard, the Kern Sheriff's Department was out in big numbers, including an air unit. One officer later commented that it was about the tamest crowd he'd ever seen. That's what happens when a bunch of space nerds all get together...lots of fun, no headaches.
Even the folks at NASA didn't want to miss this event. Buzz Aldrin watched from the VIP area. It's not known whether this was his means of arrival, but Ship 66 was parked amongst all the other transients that had arrived for the show.
Mojave's never seen this much press. Numerous live broadcasts put our little town on the map!
For pictures and the whole text, visit mojavebooks.com


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